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It is commonly accepted that Peeramon Chomdhavat is one of Thailand’s leading artists in dance and  costume designs.  Peeramon has taught himself dance at an early age before studying at the faculty of fine and applied art, Chulalongkorn University. While studying, Peeramon was also a member of Bangkok  Ballet Association was trained by Mr. William Morgan and regularly performed ballet until present, including Sri-praj, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, La Bayadere .  In 1992, Peeramon moved to France and as a professional dancer, performed with Le Jeune Ballet De France in touring France, other European countries, Africa and Asia. Later Peeramon performed with the Red Notes Dance Company and L’Opera De Paris in the opera production  Les Cont d’ Hoffman .
After returning from abroad, Peeramon began his choreographic work in  contemporary dance . Marked by its distinctive feature as well as the root of thai culture, Peeramon’s choreography received worldwide attention where he was invited to perform in many events, including the Lucifer Project in Japan, Hong Kong Art Festival, Perth Festival of Art, as well as Theater der Welt 1999 in Berlin.

Apart from his specialty in contemporary dance, Peeramon’s other accomplishments include directing a fashion show for Her Majesty  Queen Sirikit at  Pupanrajanivej Palace,choreography for Kiss of the Spider Women a musical play which was directed by  the well renowned Thai director, Yuttana Mukdasanit,  as well as choreographed and directing key events such as the Light and Sound Show for the 220 anniversary of the city of Bangkok, Miss Thailand Universe, and Miss Thailand Word 2003-2006.

From working  for over 20 years, Peeramon has noticed that dance  costumes used in Thailand still lack the necessary research and development needed to meet international standards.  This awareness led Peeramon to study in costume design with deep influence and inspiration from Peeramon’s aunt, the veteran in fashion,  Spun Teanprasit and undertake further research.  Currently, Peeramon’s costume design  has been consistently recognized for its detailed design and outstanding quality, in all areas whether traditional Thai, western or contemporary designs.

His costume design work were featured in various well known ballets, shows and films such as

-Giselle by Varaporn-kanjana Ballet school
-La Bayadere by The Bangkok Ballet Association
-Snow White by Pornpimol-sophatai Ballet school
-Don Quixote by Bangkok City Ballet(costume of Ms.ORN and gypsy group)
-Desdemona by Theatre Work, Singapore
-Opera  MADANA  by the Bangkok Opera
-Dance show for the 100 anniversary  of the Siam Commercial Bank
-Miss Universe 2005  in Bangkok
-Thai costume for Miss Universe 2005, Natalie Gelbova
-Television and Print advertisement for Regency Thai Brandy
-Television and Print advertisement for King Island Coconut Juice
-various authentic Thai and period theatre costumes used in the Arporn-Ngam Dance Theatre.

Peeramon’s many accomplishments to date led to him to his current position as a director and founder of the Arporn-Ngam Dance Theatre, with studios located in Nonthaburi province.  The purpose of the Arporn-Ngam Dance Theatre is to further develop and produce the highest quality dance and costume for the country call THAILAND.

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